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I Have Changed My Blog!!

I have changed my blog to

This is cool for the following reasons:

  • People can follow my blog easily if they have a google account
  • I can follow other peoples easily
  • Designing it was super easy and mean’t I could do it my way
  • It was time for a change.

I hope you will go and check out my new blog, because I will be posting there from now, hit the “follow” button and become my friend 🙂

Much love and peace to all my readers, I hope you will stay loyal! See ya on the flip side.


Days Once Gone

Steve was preaching on Sunday and challenged us to consider (from what I understood) whether we were truely saved by looking at the fruit in our lives. Tricky question! What immediately popped into my head was the physical. The way I look and dress is completely different to what it was 6 years ago. Especially in Primal, I often had young girls tell me that I could never understand what they are going through, it seemed to them that I was irrelevant. And although I was different, I was much like them some time ago. The only difference being was that I had grown in God and he had changed me.

I had dubbed myself Whatsername, or Whatsy, as from Green Days American Idiot album. It was also my myspace name, so when people met me off Myspace they knew me as either of those nicknames.

Speaking of Myspace, I was the first (I’m sure. Well, it was certainly an original idea from my part) to write my Myspace Username on my arm whenever I went to gigs. Wasn’t I uber cool? Oh, and this guys name is Simon. I’m not sure whatever happened to him, but we had met off myspace and frequented gigs together.

And this was my best friend through it all, Chloe.

Be like this girl, because to me, she was like Jesus. We became friends, I found out she was a christian and threatend to punch her if she told me about God, and she didn’t, she just loved on me. She never judged me (that i knew of), and patiently stood by my side as I learnt to love God and love myself.

As I began to love God and see myself as he saw me, my mannerisms began to evolve, the way I treated my body changed, and the way that I displayed myself to the world slowly changed.

I am still me, I am not pretending to be someone else, I still LOVE purple tights (despite my husband hating them), I still enjoy gigs and the scene (not that I am in it), I love black and brights and all things nice, and I still love my dear clo-izzle. But at the same time, I grew up, learnt how to look after myself, and how to view myself through beautiful eyes.

So yes, In my own person opinion, Jesus is working in my life.

[APOLOGY] sorry the photos are all different sizes, they were taken and edited a very long time ago when I had no idea what I was doing (and still dont, apparently).

Clickable Elle

Check out my brand new clickable Elle on the Left


This for now will direct you to my shop on this blog, but at the end of the week it will direct you to my brand new website I’m creating for Stitch Africa!!

Exciting huh! Gosh I’m a smarty this week 🙂

My Crafting To Do List

I have SO many projects on the go. Here’s what I’m aiming to finish in the next few weeks

  • Finish my collection of Love Booties. Besides the ones I still need to photograph, I need a yellow pair, a multi pink pair, and some funky polka dots or something fun!
  • Turn my half made Dress into a new skirt
  • Start/finish my wedding album concertina
  • Hang my pinboard on the wall
  • Make some sort of Art for my office at church
  • Finish my giraffe and elephant paintings

Extra things I haven’t started but want to do that I’m holding out for

  • Sew a silky nightie
  • Learn to sew and knit a collection of floppy dolls like these cool ones from a fellow blogger
  • Grow my nails again so i can have fun with all my spa ritual nail polishes!

Exciting and creative times ahead! What are you working on?

Where To?

When people ask me what I blog about, I get confused. I’m not really sure, I say. Some days I blog emoness, others I blog about Gods goodness, others its inspiration, other days its craft that either I have done or have admired. Some days I blog about trying to be a better person, or of my hopes and dreams.

If I’m confused, you must be too. I would like to blog about a particular area so that I can grow readers who are interested in the same things as I am, but I also like that there’s (hopefully) something for everyone on my site. so here is my formal apology. I would love to get some comments for you about whether you like focus on blogging, or randomness. Tell me your thoughts!

Dear Reader,

I am truely sorry if sometimes you can come to my blog and have been disappointed with its content (maybe today is one of those days). I really enjoy blogging, and consider it really fun, so I would love to make this as much of a pleasant experience for you as it is for me. Please let me know what direction you would prefer for this space to take, and I will happily consider.

Yours truly, Sophie.

News Flash coming soon!

Well, I just couldn’t wait, I’m about to burst! I am so super excited about something that I shall be revealing in the coming week!! Woop!

Also, I checked out knitworld this morning, and bought some Beautiful Patons Smoothie Red wool and some bright Blue Panda Magnum wool! Can’t wait to get knitting this week and show off some new items.

Also, I have a few orders in the works, so if you’re wanting any Love Booties, order them now 🙂 Happy to help in anyway I can!


When She Dresses For Bed

Today in His Needs, Her Needs I read  about the mans core need to have a good-looking wife. Obviously, that comes with many questions, the main in my mind is: what defines good looking? The point (i think) of the chapter is for the woman to dress to please her husband in the way she looks, not society.

This raises many problems for me, I have no idea what Graeme likes and whether or not I fit the quota! As its a ‘loaded question’ he is also reluctant to answer as well. And truth be told from my point of view, I’m not even sure if Graeme knows what he likes, I think he just knows what he doesn’t like. For example, he has told me he doesn’t like my Wheres Wally replica top, or my beloved purple tights. So thats a start, right?!

Page 113 of His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley.

“A woman should pay as much, if not more, attention to her choice of nightgown or pajamas as she does to what she wears in public. When she dresses for bed, she dresses strictly for her husband.”

Well thats saying something… Considering I don’t wear anything to bed. Realising this, I have been browsing online today for some cute nightwear. It seems like this should be a gift Graeme should be buying me (hint hint), but after all that, I think I will just sew my own and wing it. Could be fun?

His Needs, Her Needs

Graeme and I have just embarked on a new journey, learning about each others needs. We both went to a marriage seminar at the weekend, where this book was reccomended, and then later lent to us by my Mum in Law.

His Needs, Her Needs is a book on how to “affair proof your marriage”. The book focuses on 5 basic needs of both the husband and wife, and essentially saying, if these needs are not met, then they husband / wife will need to find the fufilment of the need somewhere else.

So far after only two chapters, it seems the book is gender stereotypical (but thats to be expected), and is making me feel a little as if Graemes love for me is works based, which is a little worrying considering I feel as if I make a terrible wife! However, every point so far has been spot on, and I have found my self going “oh!” “ahha!” many times throughout each page.

You can find out more about the book here.

The chapters covered are:

  1. The First Thing She Can’t Do Without – Affection
  2. The First Thing He Can’t Do Without – Sexual Fulfillment
  3. She Needs Him To Talk To Her – Conversation
  4. He Needs Her To Be His Playmate – Recreational Companionship
  5. She Needs Him To Trust Him Totally – Honesty and Open-ness
  6. He Needs A Good-looking Wife – An Attractive Spouse
  7. She Needs Enough Money To Live Comfortably – Financial Support
  8. He Needs Peace And Quiet – Domestic Support
  9. She Needs Him To Be A Good Father – Family Commitment
  10. He Needs Her To Be Proud Of Him – Admiration

Before your critised this work, Marriage is extremely hard work. It requires constant maintance and complete self sacrafice. Anything that can teach me more about how to be a better wife I am keen on! I am looking forward to learning more about my husbands natural being, and like wise my own.

A full book review will come later, but if you are married, engaged or dating, I already recommend it.

Nelson, Live the Day

Last week Graeme, Hollie, Amy, Dave, Rachel, myself and Perry (who was already there) went to Nelson!

This was a beautiful escape from reality for a moment, and a chance to rid my mind of stress, anxiety and the ever annoying aftershocks from our 7.1 earthquake that weekend.

Nelson was just what the doctor ordered! + super spontaneous. Graeme and I decided to go, quickly packed our bags, then left! I love spontaneity ❤

We woke up very tired the next morning (can you tell from our eyes?? It was also very glarey.), and met the gang at the Nature Park, where we enjoyed a breakfast of coffee and fries. We then headed to Richmond and spent the afternoon shopping in malls and op shops (the boys didn’t even seem to mind??)

Later on, we played a hilarious game of Quelf (You can play an online version of it here), then went out to dinner with our hosts, the Houghtons.

Their wee baby boy is due in 2 weeks and Phil still isn’t even sure how that happened! Good luck with that one guys :p

All in all, fab time! Defo recommend Nelson, especially in the summer months when the beaches are golden, the ocean is warm and the sun is shining!

Wooden Houses Are Only Proper

Here is a transcript my flatmate Cha found online that is a letter describing the events of Wellingtons 1855 earthquake which was a magnitude of 8.2. I found this article so interesting, so thought I would share it with you. You can view the original letter online here, and you can find out more about this earthquake here.

Here is a transcript I found on the net of a letter written by a George Richards, to his sister back in England.

Mulgrave St, Wellington, NZFeb 7th, 1855

My D[ea]r Sister

Lest you might hear some exaggerated accounts of our late unfortunate earthquake I hasten to let you hear of all our well being but terribly frightened we all were I assure you. It took place on the evening of the 23 January. I had intended starting that morning up the coast to where John and William were staying with the sheep. However, I was hindered. … It was very fortunate that he [George] came up in the evening and we were just having tea for we do not take supper here, when a tremulous motion was felt which quickly increased to a most terrific shaking. The piano came into the middle of the room and the crashing of earthenware and glass, the creaking and rocking of the house caused a most fearful and terrifying noise – this continued nearly two minutes. You could not stand without holding and the shock had passed before we could get Syd and Nell into the garden. George, Fred and Margaret were asleep. We got them out and set up a tent where we sat till daylight but continued to sleep and live out of doors for more than a week as the shocks continued and still continued tho’ they are now very slight and we scarcely notice them. It is little short of a miracle that only one fatal accident occurred. The fall of (with but one or two exceptions) all the chimneys and many brick walls and partitions into the streets and houses and only one person killed, is indeed a more striking mark of the merciful care of our Almighty Father. … Our house was quite uninjured except the chimneys and we were obliged to make our fire in the garden. Many who had not a yard or garden did so in the street. George’s house being partly brick built suffered a good deal but he is fast getting it to rights. I was as you may judge very anxious to hear from John and Wm the more so, as about 30? miles up the coast the sea suddenly rose and washed everything away, houses, boats and bales of wool waiting to be shipped but there again more miraculously no lives were lost. I have a letter from John, he was that night at a station near where the sheep are and is quite well and the sheep are alright. Indeed I think they are the only description of property that is not very seriously depreciated but the old hands say ‘Oh, it will soon be forgotten’. I seem to doubt this. The town the next morning presented most melancholy appearance. The building most injured was the Bank a very nice brick and stone one it cost between [?] and 8000 pounds and was scarcely completed. It is now a perfect wreck plainly telling us that wooden houses are only proper to be erected here. I trust we may never witness the like tho they appear to come at intervals of 7 or 8 years, 1840, 48 & 55 have been the dates of them since the place has been colonized. It must much retard the progress of the place in spite of its beautiful climate.